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This is a software that processing your whole year Paypal data to produce, 1. Accounting yearly summary report (ie. sales summary) 2. Cash flow report (ie. cash flow summary) 3. Profit sheet (ie. the profit summary)If you are a big ebay seller or webstore seller that using Paypal for your transactions, and have a huge Paypal data records, like, 1000 to 100,000 transactions every year, you will take huge amount of time to handle the data before the tax deadline since there are so many duplicated, canceled and redundant transactions among your data that you need to carefully delete, or, you never make summary data balanced.With this software, it will only take you several minutes to finish the analyze of your whole year data, and give you the 3 summaries above. It also categorizes your data into several pages so that you can do further analysis as necessary.It will cost you thousands of dollars to hire an accountant to do the same job for several weeks.This version can only handle year 2006 and year 2007 data. If you need to handle year 2008 data (which has not ended yet), email me for price.You will get a CD that contains the software and menu.
Price: $39.99 $39.99 up
This is a software that will help you to pre-process your daily Paypal data to import into Endicia Tarantula for bulk shipping label print.If your daily Paypal order transactions are over 50, and the transactions are from your ebay account or your other online web stores, the job for pre-processing these data before importing them into Endicia Tarantula is huge.This software will save you a huge amount of time everyday.For example, I usually spend about 2 or more hours to handle my Paypal data for shipping everyday. Now, I only take about 15 minutes to finish the job.You will get a CD that contains the software and menu.
Price: $49.99 $49.99 up
Compact size that is easy to fit into most machines (24 x 48 x 75 mm or 1x2 x3")Support 10 different types of commonly used temperature sensor inputs.The output can be configured by the user for either relay contact or SSR.and more...
Price: $95.00 $34.99 up
30 programable steps for ramp, soak and other logic actionsPID control with fuzzy logic enhancementDual alarm outputs is made standard at no extra charge0.2% accuracy over the entire input rangeand more...
Price: $166.00 $89.50 up
a research-grade high-performance stereomicroscope with a 8:1 zoom ratiotwo parallel optical beam pathsand more...
Price: $2000.00 $699.00 up
12V, 2200mAhRechargeable NiMH
Price: $150.00 $29.99 up
3.6V/450mAhLithium-Ion Reghargeable, Info-LithiumFully compatible with original battery
Price: $49.99 $28.99 up
Input: 110-240v UniversalFolding plug design. Very compact. Good for travelOur most popular charger, no need for any cable
Price: $69.99 $29.99 up